Phone Orders: 0427 055 225
Licensed Cafe

Open every Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm
and 12 noon to 2 pm for lunch by appointment
(Please give 48 hours notice if possible)

EFTPOS Payments Preferred

Toasties, Foccacia, Pasties

Ham & cheese toastie $8.50

Ham, cheese, tomato, onion toastie $9.50

Chicken breast, cheese, lettuce foccacia $12

Tuna, capers, cheese foccacia $12.50

Greek vegie (tomato, Spanish onion, feta, olives, mayo) foccacia $12.50 (V)

Pasties – homemade $8.50

Sunset Sizzle Stars

Betelgeuse beef burger (homemade beef cakes), salad $22

Sirius chicken breast burger, salad $20

Vindemiatrix vegie burger, salad $22 V

(Burgers served with tangy homemade burger sauce)

Algedi salad and goat’s cheese, with crackers and nuts $24 GF

Afternoon Snacks

Legitimately play with your food … fresh bread, homemade Egyptian dukkah, oil, balsamic dip $12

Cheese plate for one $26 (GF available)

Cheese plate for two $52 (GF available)

Pancakes, syrup, ice-cream $12 (made to order)

Isaac Newton’s Late Breakfast

It is said that Newton didn’t care much about meal routines…

Bacon and Egg Burger, BBQ sauce $9.50
Add cheese or tomato & lettuce for $1.50
Add beetroot & onion for $3
Swap bacon for beef sausages


… something Albert Einstein was not

Toasted, buttery Banana Bread (made inhouse) $5

Chocolate Mud cake (optional cream, made inhouse) $6.50

Cookies as available

Link to Graze & Gaze Menu – Pre Ordering is Essential

Beverages – Hot

Coffee: Flat White | Cappuccino | Latte $4.50
Black coffee $4
Coffee flavour, add $0.50
Coffee with Soy or Almond Milk $5.00

Chai Latte $5

Hot Chocolate $5

Hot Frappes – $8.50
Select from
Vanilla Smoothie, Chocolate Decadence or
White Chocolate Symphony

Tea $4.50 or Pot Tea $5.50
Select from
English Breakfast, Lemongrass & Ginger or Green Tea & Jasmine
Soy or Almond Milk extra $1

Beverages – Cold

Bell’s Milkshakes $8.50
Select from Bell’s Flavours, made locally
Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla

Bell’s Spiders $8.50
Select from Bell’s Flavours, made locally
Kola Ice or Green Lime

Stargazer’s Thickshake $8.50
(No artificial colours or flavours, GF)
Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Tahitian Lime, Caramel

Frappes $8.50
Select from
Vanilla Smoothie, Chocolate Decadence or
White Chocolate Symphony

+Variety of Still and Sparkling Drinks

Bar Service

Sparkling wines, still wines, cider, beer and fortifieds available. Quality wines sourced from award-winning wineries in NSW.

Graze n Gaze Selection

Available by pre-ordering in advance of your planned booking, otherwise as available. All dishes made inhouse in limited quantities – plan your visit.

Trendy Quinoa Pilaf with sundried tomato, basil, lettuce $18 V

Chandrasekhar Chicken Curry with Steamed Rice $18
Fragrant, mild, astronomically flavoursome (named after an astrophysicist we admire)

Warp Drive Salad – fresh & roasted elements for weary travellers who dream of faster trips $24 V
With chicken breast strips add $5

Beef Skewers – tangy, zesty with fresh lemon – two for $18 (GF available)
(Must order 48 hours in advance due to 24 hours’ marinating time)

Orion’s BBQ Feast – homemade beef cake, egg, salad and toastie burger with homemade burger sauce $26

Soup of the Season $16

Phone Orders: 0427 055 225

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Broken Hill, NSW, 2880