Ham & cheese toastie $9.50

Rolls or Focaccias, Lightly Grilled

Ham & cheese $16

BBQ chicken, cheese & mayo $16

Tuna, capers, lettuce & mayo $16

Mediterranean $22 V


Pasties made inhouse, beef & vegies $9.50

Isaac Newton’s Late Breakfast

Bacon & egg roll with BBQ sauce $16

Algedi Gourmet Salad

Crackers, nuts, goat’s cheese, with lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad $25 GV

Classic Chicken Curry

Served with steamed rice $25

Roasted Red Vegie Soup

Sweet potato, capsicum, carrots & anything red, roasted, blitzed, simmered, served with dipping bread $18


Turkish bread and Egyptian dukkah made inhouse, served with olive oil-balsamic vinegar dipping sauces $18

Cheese, crackers, nuts, single serve $30

Stellar Burgers

Betelgeuse Beef (tasty beef patty made in our kitchen) $25

Sirius Chicken $25

Vindemiatrix Vegie $25 V

Burger salads include lettuce, tomato, cucumber, caramelised onions
Extras for rolls, focaccias and burgers:
$1 each – cheddar cheese, tomator, onion, lettuce
$2 each – avocado if available, pineapple, beetroot

Sweets – All Made In Our Kitchen

Sun cookies made inhouse $2.50 each or two for $4

Cocnut, date & almond slice $5 GF

Banana bread $6

Scones, jam & cream (if baked on the day) $7

Chocolate mud cake & cream $8

Beverages – Hot

Coffee: Flat White | Cappuccino | Latte $5
Black coffee $4.50
Coffee flavour, add $0.80
Coffee with Soy or Almond Milk add $1.50

Chai Latte $5

Hot Chocolate $5

Tea (Select) $4.50 or Pot Tea (Black Leaf) $6
Select tea from
English Breakfast, Lemongrass & Ginger or Green Tea & Jasmine
Soy or Almond Milk extra $1.50

Beverages – Cold

Milkshakes $8.50
Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla

Bell’s Spiders $8.50
Kola Ice or Green Lime

Stargazer’s Thickshake $8.50
(No artificial colours or flavours, GF)
Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Tahitian Lime, Caramel

Frappes $8.50
Vanilla Smoothie, Chocolate Decadence or
White Chocolate Symphony

Outback Astronomy

18817 Barrier Highway

Broken Hill, NSW, 2880